Save the Pibbles:

Stop BDL!​

What is BDL?

"BDL" refers to Breed Discriminatory Legislation--laws enacted in some countries, states, and municipalities which place an outright ban on certain types of dogs.  Several different breeds have been the victim of BDL, including...  Most recently, dogs labeled as "pit bulls" have been banned in many locations. These bans are based entirely on fear rather than on science, and unnecessarily and arbitrarily tear families apart and needlessly kill countless dogs, regardless of the individual dog's behavior or temperament.  Check out this great "Fear vs. Fact" document from the National Canine Resource Council.

While Minnesota has a state law that prohibits bans on dogs based on breed alone, the status of this law is regularly challenged by both repeal efforts, and "go around" efforts by local municipalities. 

But what is a "pit bull," anyway?

​Oddly enough, there's no such breed as a "pit bull"!  Often dogs are referred to as "pit bulls" based on appearance alone--these tend to be any number of different types of dogs that have square "blocky" heads, are low to the ground, have short fur, and are muscular. As studies have demonstrated, guesses about a dog's breed based on appearance alone are usually wrong! Try to identify the "pit bulls" in this picture.  Tough, right?  We like to refer to these guys as "pibbles," or the more descriptive "stocky-low-to-the-ground-blockheads!"

What can I do?

Remember that like people, each dog is an individual and that breed is not an accurate predictor of temperament or behavior.  Challenge stereotypes about "pit-bull-type-dogs".  Adopt a pibble! Get educated, and spread the word about some of these great organizations and their resources about pibbles.

A Rotta Love Plus is a Minnesota-based comprehensive and proactive all-volunteer advocacy organization that uses a “nose-to-tail” approach to address the issues faced by Rottweilers and pit bulls.

Best Friends Animal Society: Best Friends Animal Society runs the nation' s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. Best Friends' pit bull terrier initiatives work to restore these pets to the love and dignity they deserve. 

Animal Farm Foundation is a rescue organization that takes in Pit Bulls, spays or neuters them, provides obedience training and exercise, and then places them in loving homes.

BAD RAP is a diverse and growing group of owners, rescuers, and supporters of the American Pit Bull Terrier.