Don't Shop, Adopt!

You don't need to go to a breeder or a pet shop to find the particular species, breed, size, age or temperament you want. There are a wealth of rescues and shelters in the State of Minnesota offering every type of companion animal under the sun!  Pet shops offering cuddly kittens and adorable puppies frequently get their animals from inhumane "mills," where the parents of these same babies live in horrendous conditions, suffering until the day they are no longer wanted for breeding, then disposed of in horrible ways. There are large loopholes in the Federal Animal Welfare Act, allowing breeders that sell directly to individuals to circumvent standards for basic sanitation and veterinary care. And even breeders that treat their animals well are adding to an overpopulation of animals in which millions of healthy, adoptable pets are needlessly euthanized every year. Don't be a part of the problem--be a part of the solution--ADOPT! 

You can easily look for specific breeds, species, sizes, age--even color of animals in your area.  There are too many different rescues--from those that take in animals of all kinds, to those that are limited to very specific breeds--to list here. Instead, check out Adopt-a-Pet or Petfinder and plug in your location and criteria to find the animals that fit your needs in your area.

Learn more about the plight of puppy mill dogs--Check out and support the Puppy Mill Project