The Issue at Hand
Six to eight million pets enter shelters each year. One half of these are euthanized.  Less than 25% of Americans adopt their pets from shelters.  

Why We're Here
Land O'Licks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting innovation, partnerships, education, and action to reduce the euthanasia of companion animals with a special focus on the State of Minnesota.

How We Do It
We're developing resources to bring together business and community to find foster and temporary homes for homeless pets. We're also providing the public with education and resources to keep pets where they belong--in their forever homes--so they don't end up homeless in the first place. We do this by pointing them to training, and assessment resources so that pets aren't given up for behavioral issues. We're helping families find affordable pet food and supplies, veterinary care, spay/neuter, insurance, and housing so they don't have to give up their furry family members for financial reasons.


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Land O'Licks

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